Procrastinerd’s Top 10 Games of 2016

Another year is done, and what a year it’s been for video games. There have been massive AAA releases, the rise of VR, and plenty of Indie games to play, but here are Procrastinerd’s top 10 of 2016.

10. Pokémon Sun and Moon


On the 20 year anniversary for one of the most popular franchises in gaming history, Pokémon needed to deliver. A major shake up made Sun and Moon the perfect game for newcomers to the Pokémon world, after being drawn in by Niantic’s mobile game, Pokémon Go. The graphical upgrades are obvious in battle, but the new army of Pokémon you can add to your collection are as adorable and powerful as ever. A fresh twist to the franchise was just what Pokémon needed to introduce a new generation of players.

9. Mafia 3


Mafia 3 could have been so much better with what it had, but what it’s done best over any other game this year is storytelling. The story is gripping and certain missions will tug at your emotions over the choices you made. Whether you stealth or go all out attack around the world, the way you play defines your game. Feeding enemies to alligators is pretty fun too. The 60s setting and its soundtrack bring some of the most unforgettable moments in gaming this year.

Read our full review here.

8. Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives


It’s more fun than it sounds. Job Simulator introduced most to the beauty of VR. The way that you can go from creating a powerpoint presentation in the office, to throwing a stapler at your coworker’s head show the extent of idiocy you can go to. Then there’s being a mechanic, a cook and a shop assistant. Seemingly all boring jobs but Job Simulator manage to make them ridiculously fun and dumb. Or you can do the job properly, but who would want to do that?

7. Watch Dogs 2


With San Francisco as your playground, Watch Dogs has entered a new realm of fun. After the seriousness of the first game, a lighter tone has revived the franchise. You can hack to your hearts content with the new abilities like hacking peoples phones, and 3D printing drones and weapons, they’ve made hacking cool. If that even needed to happen. The likeable cast and lighthearted missions will make sure you have a hell of a good time in The City.

6. Batman: The Telltale Series


A Batman series not focussed on Batman? No, it can’t be! Well, it is. Telltale has managed to pull off a fresh new take on the caped crusader to humanise the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne. The new engine has also gotten rid of the painful frame rate issues in previous Telltale series, so you’re in for a smooth ride. With twists and turns based on your actions, along with so many familiar faces, Batman fans and Telltale fans alike will feel right at home in Gotham.

5. Dishonored 2


How you play Dishonored is up to you. Whether you go stealthy or kill everyone ever, you’ll love the return of Steampunk-y goodness that is Dishonored 2. With tools and powers, most satisfying of which is Domino, the player’s strategy on how to eliminate the enemies is why you’ll keep coming back for more. Experimentation is key, and you’ll always want to have a go at that no-kill run.

4. Stardew Valley


Farming is always fun, right? Well, it is in Stardew Valley. Starting off on your Grandad’s old farm, you build that overgrown piece of s*** into a fully operational farm with crops, animals and slime monsters. Yes… There’s more to Stardew Valley than farming. And that’s why you’re going to sink hundreds of hours into it and live that idyllic farmer/monster slayer life. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

3. Overcooked


Couch gaming has been on the back foot as of late. Overcooked has changed that, and will make you want to throw the couch at your friends. The cutesy cartoon look for Overcooked is all a charade for the eternal stress in those couple of minutes per level you try to make soup or a burger. With up to four players, cooking can be pure chaos, but there’s no better feeling than getting those three stars for that level you’ve been trying to do for the past 20 minutes.

2. Firewatch


Even in the short journey of Firewatch, you’ll be left with a long-lasting mark right from the moment you put the controller down to watch the end credits. You follow the story of Henry, first starting off with some textual prompts to form your story, then you are thrust into the very beautiful world of Firewatch with only a woman on the end of a walkie talkie for company. The feeling of isolation throughout the game coupled with this newly formed companionship will stay with you forever.

1. Overwatch


Blizzard’s first foray into the FPS genre has been a mighty one. With a cult fanbase and over 20 million players, Overwatch has had a hell of a year. The beautiful thing with Overwatch is that everyone is on a level playing field, with no weapon upgrades or advantages to higher level players, so it’s all dependent on your ability, which is why so many players have taken a shine to the lovable cast of characters and the Overwatch world. Events like Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland give players a reason to come back should they dare stray, and new characters, like Sombra, being introduced every so often gives even more range to the already diverse cast. It can only get bigger from here.

What would you like to have seen on our Games of the Year list? Let us know in the comments below.


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