E3 2016: EA Press Conference | Top 3


Procrastinerd is back just in time for E3! Join us for the next couple of days for post-conference analysis of each show. To kick off, EA brought a number of big names back to the table. Here are the three best things to come out of it.

FIFA 17 has a story?!

The usual yearly update of FIFA with different pace and skills mechanics are the norm. But, even though this has been featured in the NBA 2K franchise before, FIFA is getting its very own story! Revolving around the career of Alex Hunter, “The Journey” takes you through a solo story mode at a Premier League club. You can only play as Hunter, unlike with the NBA offering. It offers choices throughout the mode that can influence the outcome of certain situations. The trailer shows Hunter at Manchester United, on a private jet and breaking a lampshade. Progress in the club’s ranks is dependent on how your player performs and whether they complete certain challenges. Mourinho even made an appearance at the conference, highlighting the fact that managers will now be in the game for all Premier League clubs. Although most won’t make it to September.

Standby for Titanfall 2

Not only is Titanfall 2 coming to PS4, but it’s getting a single player campaign. The robot fighting saga introduces a whole host of fresh features. There are now six Titans to choose from, one even has kung fu abilities. A grappling hook also makes movement more fluid, and you can drag someone towards you with it to drop kick them. New enemies bring more danger into the fray than fellow Pilots, with dragon-type creatures and various other alien lifeforms. In the mean time, for a solid multiplay experience, try out the first Titanfall with EA Access (which is free from now until  June 22).

Battlefield 1 is Number 1 #RIPCOD

Battlefield 1 is the most liked trailer on YouTube ever. Quite a feat. Although, all it did was show that it would be heading back in time to World War I. Now there’s more to it. Gameplay footage of trenches and tanks in action, Battlefield 1 is the prime example of finding success in the past. After the conference, a 64-player multiplayer battle commenced with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), displayed the usual destructive environments of Battlefield mixed with WWI technology. And the most mesmerising of all, an airship crashing down onto the field. Maybe this signals the reign of a new FPS king.


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