Tube Tycoon Preview

aSGjltEver wanted to live the life of a YouTuber without all the hate? Well, tough. Tube Tycoon is very real to life, too real.

Currently in beta, Tube Tycoon pegs itself as a YouTube simulator where your aim is to get famous like the real YouTubers. You do this by either filming vlogs or gaming videos every day while they gain views and you get subscribers (and haters).

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 15.01.02

There are two bars on the bottom, green and yellow. The green shows how much energy you have left to film and edit videos. The yellow shows what level you are. At the moment, there is no notification when you level up,  so you’ll just have to hope for the best.

As time goes by, you watch your Morio Let’s Plays go from 20 views to triple figures in a matter of days. The success of videos is based on the viewer’s interest level. Although, sometimes videos with no interest level perform better than ones with full interest which seems to suggest that view counts can be random, not strategised.

Other YouTubers can spell disaster for your subscriber count if they dislike your latest video, or can give you an unexpected boost if they like it. Another nice touch is that you can do ‘tag’ videos thanks to the other YouTubers, and if they are popular enough, that video can get a massive surge in views that will help your profit.



While you’re building your mini YouTube empire, you get knocked back down again by rent and taxes. The fact it’s so realistic in this aspect is admirable, but once you get into the negative side of your bank balance, there are no repercussions or a ‘game over’ to set you back. This seems contradictory to the realism angle they’re trying to push. There also doesn’t seem to be any sign of an ‘end game’ as of yet.

The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use for a beta. As a point and click management-style sim, this was vital. It’s easy to find your way through the game without an instruction manual or guidance, which is good, as you don’t get either.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 18.13.33

Of course, issues are bound to be found in the beta, so the developers are inviting players to point out any bugs and suggest changes and improvements.

For a fun lil’ management simulator, Tube Tycoon does a great job of bringing you into the wonderful world of YouTube, without all the effort.

You can download the Tube Tycoon beta for free on this link.

If you like managing a life you’ll (probably) never have, you should try…

Hunie Cam Studio (PC/Mac)



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