Level 1: Handy Gaming Terms

Our Level 1 guide to all things gaming is here to teach you the in’s and outs of video games for the clueless, the lazy, and the people who will inevitably say it’s wrong.

NPC: Acronym for Non-Playable Character. Characters in the game that aren’t controlled by a human player, but are controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Can either be an enemy or a companion. Skill level ranges from thick as shit (any Assassin’s Creed guard) to a smart lil’cookie (Ellie from The Last of Us).

GG: Abbreviation for Good Game. Can be used in any social situation when something top happens.

Looting: The act of stripping a corpse of all their possessions… And clothes. Usually followed by dropping any rubbish in your characters inventory to fit that gun you really want into your oversized pockets. Main game mechanic in the Fallout series.

Triple A (AAA): A game usually created by well-known developers with big deep pockets to make you fork over your hard-earned cash. Typically accompanied by 20 different cinematic trailers where the scenery looks nice but the final product is a steaming pile of glitchy dog doo-doo. See Assassin’s Creed Unity.


Permadeath: If your character dies, they’re gone forever. So, don’t suck. Also, a form of torture YouTubers put themselves through to try and prove they’re better at a game than they actually are. Most popular in zombie games, e.g. State of Decay.

Camping: When a player remains in one position for a long period of time to kill enemies who are dumb enough to keep going back there. Most commonly seen in the Call of Duty franchise. Someone who camps is usually referred to as a Camping ************.

RPG: Abbreviation for Role-Playing Game. A game filled with quests that developers spent hours on to enhance the story, but player instead spends hours picking flowers for a side quest. One popular RPG is The Witcher III.

Easter Eggs: Hidden features that cheeky developers dot around in certain spots throughout the game to give you that sense of “OMG its that thing from that other thing!” and you continue with your day. GTA V exhibits high easter egg frequency.


Noob: A noob (or n00b) is a player who absolutely sucks in online multiplayer. Usually spotted getting teabagged in the place they’ve died 20 times. Common in most online lobby’s for First Person Shooter’s.

Ping: In online gaming the ping is the time (in milliseconds) it takes for information to travel to the server and back. You’re gonna want a low ping for what’s next.

Lag: If you have a high ping, you get lag. This results in your virtual real life actions getting a nice delay on-screen. Broken wifi boxes expected when lag hits Rocket League.

DLC: Downloadable Content that is typically released following a Triple A release. Is usually sold in the form of a season pass, promising you a number of DLC they haven’t even thought of yet before the game is even released.

Grinding: The act of spending a large amount of time undergoing activities to level up a character. Can also be used to unlock an achievement or certain equipment. Widely reported in Destiny.


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