5 Sneakiest Video Game Characters

In anticipation for Agent 47’s second outing in the Hitman episodic series on April 26, we take a look at some of the sneakiest characters in video games.

Agent 47 (Hitman Series)


Agent 47 was created to be one of the deadliest and most discreet assassins in the world. His heightened combat, healing and stealth skills were given to him through genetic enhancements. 47’s weapons of choice range from a fiber wire to a nice, shiny silverballer to clear the way of guards and gardeners. Then leaving them naked while he gets a swish, new outfit to get to his main target with pure stealth. Moral of the story, if you see a bald guy with a barcode on the back of his head, be warned.

Evie Frye (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)


Assassin Creed‘s stint in London brought around the stealthiest assassin in the franchise. And the least stealthy… Twins Jacob and Evie Frye both harness different skills between them. While Jacob is all about brute force, Evie possesses the sneakier traits. Her ability to become invisible to her enemies if she stays still for long enough is a silent force to be reckoned with. If she does get into any trouble, she has her trusty cane sword to deal out the most brutal of kills if the assassin’s hidden blade doesn’t quite cut it.

Felix Chevalier (Counterspy)


Set in an alternate Cold War, Felix was the best C.O.U.N.T.E.R. had to offer as their most experienced agent. Starting his life out as a saboteur, he eventually went on to help the government after being implicated for his actions. Armed with his silenced pistol, it’s his job to stop the completely fictional nations at war from blowing up the moon with a nuclear bomb. And he does it with some sweet ’60s jazz jingles as he rolls around saving the moon and stuff.

Corvo Attano (Dishonored)


Having the power to send rats to nom your enemies is pretty gross to say the least. But, Corvo has morals. If that’s what you choose to do. With each assassination target, you can either just kill them, or get rid of them in a different kind of way. A notable one is a woman at a party. You can either kill her or incapacitate her and send her on a gondola with a secret admirer (#stalker). He also possesses the skill of teleportation, meaning he can get around quickly and sneakily. Then there’s the other skill where everyone he kills turns to ash, leaving no trace of his deeds. Apart from some dust. The beauty behind Corvo is that he can either kill everyone, or he can get through all the tasks set to him without killing anyone. Either, he does in style.

Batman (Batman: Arkham City)


Batman has all the coolest gadgets to be one sneaky soul. When he’s not dodging Penguin’s pet ginormous shark in the museum, he’s being his usual detective self. Not only does he have a Cryptographic Sequencer to hack into things he probably shouldn’t be hacking, but he has special Detective Mode to allow him to see where to hide and where all his enemies are along with what status they’re in, whether they be sleepy, frozen or dead. Of course, he has the Batarang in original, remote controlled, boomerang variety to get rid of his enemies silently, and to push far away buttons.
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2 thoughts on “5 Sneakiest Video Game Characters

  1. Great list. Haven’t played Dishonored yet, but I heard its great. The first person camera is putting me off. Personally I think Solid Snake and the guy from Mark of the Ninja would be great contenders to the title.


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