New Games Guide | November 2016

In the month before Christmas, we’re getting an onslaught of massive games. Christmas list or Day One is the question? (Or Black Friday…)

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Release Date: November 4    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC


Jon Snurrrrrr. In space. Well, that’s it really. Call of Duty in space with Jon Snow, the most-loved character in television history, as the dastardly villain. If you order the Legacy Edition, you can get Modern Warfare Remastered, which is the main reason to buy the game. It’ll be interesting to see where CoD can go from here. Maybe this?

Buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition on Amazon

Dishonored 2

Release Date: November 11    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC


Following the events of the original game, you can take control of Corvo Attano (who made our list of Sneakiest characters in gaming) from Dishonored, or his daughter Emily Kaldwin. Using a mix of stealth and supernatural powers, you have to try reclaim your throne. You can even finish the game without killing a single soul, but how fun would that be?

Buy Dishonored 2 on Amazon

Watch Dogs 2

Release Date: November 15    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC (Nov. 29)


Mad hacks are afoot in Watch Dogs 2. Set in San Francisco, you have to deal with a bunch of 2.0 stuff, and other fancy digital terminology. But all in all, get ready to hack, stealth and kill when you f*** up the stealth. After the abysmal original game, Ubisoft will be hoping that some sweet co-op and PvP play will boost your hacking experience.

Buy Watch Dogs 2 on Amazon

Walking Dead – The Telltale Series: A New Frontier

Release Date: November 15    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Xbox 360 / PS3


Telltale Games have come a long way since their breakout hit, Walking Dead Season 1. Starting out with lil’darling Clementine back in her treehouse, you see her turn into badass teenage Clementine. The first episode of this season for A New Frontier is going to introduce yet another character for you to play, so get ready to meet some new faces in the apocalypse, hopefully not all decomposed.

Buy The Walking Dead – Telltale Series: The New Frontier on Amazon

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Collection

Release Date: November 17    Platform: Xbox One / PS4


Arguably the best Assassin of the franchise is coming back, this time in remastered form. Ezio’s three adventures are all being bundled into one, as you try and take back Italy from the evil Templars. Since Assassin’s Creed is taking a year off in 2016, so there’s no better time to revisit the land shaped like a boot to do some good old-fashioned stealthy stabbing.

Buy Assassins Creed The Ezio Collection on Amazon

Pokémon Sun / Moon

Release Date: November 18    Platform: 3DS


The next game in the ever-changing Pokémon series is painfully close. The Alola region is your new home and we’re treated to not only a new generation of Pokémon, but also completely odd twists on some of the classic Pokémon from over the years. There are a load of new features that makes the game easier for beginners, hopefully without alienating seasoned players. The demo is currently available for you to try it out for yourself. Sun and Moon have varying qualities to them, so choose wisely.

Buy Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon on Amazon

Final Fantasy XV

Release Date: November 29    Platform: Xbox One / PS4


Emo-haired boys fighting giant monsters, driving flashy sports cars and… fishing. Yep, Final Fantasy is back, and this one has been ten years in the making. It has its own unique universe, but it’s recommended you watch Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive to get the general gist of the story.

Buy Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition on Amazon

What will you be picking up this month?


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