The Culling Preview


If you want all the murder of the Hunger Games without Jennifer Lawrence’s ugly crying face, then The Culling is just the game you’ve been waiting to get your murderous hands on.

You face 15 fellow bloodthirsty competitors in a multiplayer open-world map with a ‘cornucopia’ in the centre. For 20 minutes, you have to survive, starting off with just a simple stone, and building up from a spear to bigger and less caveman-like weapons.

Co-op play gives you the option to team up with a friend to try to kill everyone and come out on top.

There’s plenty of potential for stabby-stab battles with your foes. Awkward combat is a disappointment, especially with all the effort you go through to scrounge for a weapon. Especially when you find the revolver, in which case, you’ll attempt to win over your primal enemies, only to be shanked in the back while you miss the guy you’ve been shooting at 20 times over.

You can also set traps around the map to catch out those who can’t spot two sticks with a wire between them on the ground.

The game’s currency, F.U.N.C., can be gathered by killing opponents, finding the corpses of fallen foes and walking a lot. F.U.N.C. is a vital aspect throughout the battle royale, as it grants you the ability to craft and call airdrops.

The shadow cast over it by the Hunger Games carries a lot of mirrored features. *spoilers* Like in the film when the poison gas threatens ‘tributes’ who linger too long in one spot, a poison cloud casts over the map as the match goes on, killing those in its wake.

But eventually, it drives everyone to the centre where all chaos ensues, and a winner emerges.

The gameplay is nothing that we haven’t seen before, but it’s the way that the game is executed that gives The Culling an edge over other survival games. It’s one of the few survival games where you have to survive solely from other players and well, poison gas.

You can play the brutal, more violent brother of the Hunger Games right now on Steam Early Access.

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