E3 2016: Bethesda Press Conference | Top 3


It’s really been a year since Fallout 4 was officially revealed. Since then, it’s become one of the best-selling games ever. Can Bethesda live up to these expectations this time around? Here are the top 3 announcements from their conference at E3 2016.

All the Fallout

Considering the success of Fallout 4, it was obvious Bethesda was going to build on it with some more content. Sure enough, they delivered. You can now build your own vault because that worked out so well the first time. Introducing new contraptions to build adds more to the in-game mechanics, with elevators and conveyor belts easing some of the chores within the settlements. So you don’t have to carry everything at once anymore, there are nice mannequins to put your salvaged armour on and a weapons cache to store all of your guns. Then there’s a new amusement park to explore, due towards the end of August 2016. On top of all this, mobile game Fallout Shelter is coming to the PC! It will also receive a massive new update with new characters and enemies. Virtual Reality is also coming to Fallout 4 in 2017 on the HTC Vive. Couple this with the new Pip Boy on offer to have the most immersive gameplay yet. Now you just need a German Shepherd.

Skyrim: Special Edition


Towards the end of Todd’s talk about Fallout, the ominous chants known only to one game were heard. Get ready to sink another 300-odd hours into Skyrim again, but this time, in HD! The move from last-gen to current-gen was a long time coming, and some were holding out for a new Elder Scrolls instalment. Alas, poor gamers will have to deal with playing a 5-year old game, but the sparkly new look might make that a bit more bearable.

Dishonored 2

The new chapter in the Dishonored tale is upon us. Taking a very appealing steampunk theme in a Mediterrenean setting into a supernatural light. The brightness of this compared to the original game provides a new atmosphere to assassinate or not as you please, resembling a painting in motion. A new inanition is The Void Engine, a custom engine made by the studio to handle the in-depth environment and gameplay necessary to take Dishonored to the next level. Replacing Corvo in the firing line is his daughter, Emily, who brings new skills and abilities to the franchise, while ruling an empire.You can play as either character, with each having a unique take on the world around them and the challenges they face.


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