E3 2016: Xbox Press Conference | Top 3


Even with some leaks prior to the event, the Xbox conference is always one of the highlights of E3. This year was no different. Phil Spencer and the gang have revealed some amazing games and hardware due out within the next couple of years. Here are three of the best.

Hank Scorpio, I mean, Project Scorpio


Play without boundaries. The biggest reveal of the night came at the end with Phil Spencer. A lot of numbers and technical jargon was flung about hoping something stuck with the fans. Teraflops was one of the words. As it may be made up… Basically, it’s a console, more powerful than ever before, that will be able to handle VR and 4K gameplay. They’re only announcing it now so that developers are ready for the dizzying heights it can reach in performance. Probably.

There’s also a slimmer Xbox One, called Xbox One S. It’s 40% smaller than the OG Xbox One and has 2TB of storage. Starting price for the console is $299 and is due out later this year.

Zombie games galore…

As if we needed any more, we’ve got some more undead to slaughter. Slay bells are ringing in Dead Rising 4 as Frank West returns to a Christmas themed zombie apocalypse later this year. West hasn’t been the lead character in the franchise since the original Dead Rising. So now, instead of his trusty DSLR camera, he seems to be more in touch with his #selfie game on his smartphone.

State of Decay 2 was the second and thank god, last zombie survival games. The first game, on the XBLA turned out to be a hit, thanks to its focus on survival over slaughtering loads of undead. Not much more was revealed other than the fact the sequel is a thing, but it looks shiny and cool. Like most of the trailers.

Play Anywhere

One of the biggest things they wanted to highlight throughout the conference is that most games will now be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 as exclusive titles. This also means that crossplay is now a thing across the consoles. Forza Horizon 3 was the main example here. Once Scorpio comes out, that’ll be involved too. All Xbox games will be playable on all of these devices. None will be left out, except for the Xbox 360 (RIP). It will carry save data from your Xbox to the PC so you can play wherever you want. Truly bringing the meaning to Play without Boundaries.


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