E3 2016: Ubisoft Press Conference | Top 3


If you can look past the cringeworthy typical Just Dance demonstration they have to do every year, Ubisoft usually delivers a solid line-up. But this year, it seemed they struggled to make the entire 2 and a half hours they were on stage engaging, mainly due to the long, convoluted interviews they decided to have. Without an Assassin’s Creed release this year, they’ve got some other interesting games on offer for the next year.

VR for Days

An eagle flight simulator type game was the first VR showing, with six people looking like idiots in their VR headsets trying to capture a rat in Paris. Looked headache-inducing over anything else. What was impressive was the Star Trek VR, starring LeVar Burton. He genuinely nerded out over the fact you can reenact the Star Trek crew in the game with other people in the room. As long as you all have a VR headset anyway.

Watch Dogs 2

Hacking has never felt so good. After a rocky life for the original Watch Dogs, the sequel needed a shake up. With a fresh new character and the ability to hack into everything around you seems to have done the trick. Set in San Francisco, as part of a hacking group, you try and destroy corporations? That hasn’t quite been revealed yet. But the hacking is probably used for good over evil, maybe. Either way, Watch Dogs has got the fresh new look it deserved from such a different game concept. Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled for release on November 15th, 2016.


Their final game on show was Steep, an online action sports multiplayer experience for you to explore. The snowy peaks of Mont Blanc were the location of the demo, with a player parachuting down onto a tiny rock.  The idea behind it all is a vast open-world playground for you to ski, snowboard and freefall through with your friends and members of the community, with plenty of obstacles to get wrecked on. It’s got a major focus on sharing your achievements and the beautiful vistas you encounter. Steep is due for release in December of this year.


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