E3 2016: Playstation Press Conference | Top 3

The grand finale of the conferences came from E3 royalty, Playstation. With trailer after trailer revealing old favourites, new faces and massive worlds to explore, an orchestra set the atmosphere for a resounding win for Sony.

Kojima’s back!

After a huge fallout last year with lawyers and whatnot getting involved, Hideo Kojima left Konami, the home of his beloved Metal Gear Solid franchise. Now he’s teamed up with Sony to create Kojima Productions. We got a taste of whats to come with a strange, disturbing trailer starring a naked Norman Reedus surrounded by dead sealife. Death Stranding is officially Kojima’s next game, and has some psychological horror vibes. The trailer needs to be seen to be believed.

Horizon Zero Dawn= Robot Target Practice

We finally got a real demo into how the world of Horizon Zero Dawn works. Lead character Aloy is an archer extraordinaire with five or so different types of arrow to take down the robot prey. There’s a Fallout-style shooting system which zones in on the enemies weakness, in this case, fire, which means she can use the fire arrow on its weak spot. Afterwards, she collects components from their remains helps her craft certain tools. You can also use the robot wildlife in a friendly manner, hacking them to use to Aloy’s advantage. This insight into how Horizon functions makes it all the more exciting before its February 28th 2017 release date.

Playstation VR coming October 13th

The only piece of hardware Sony discussed at the event was the Playstation VR, not the Playstation Neo which they had previously announced wouldn’t be shown at E3. With a starting price of $299, the headset will be released on October 13th of this year. To accompany this announcement, Sony showed off Star Wars VR, where you can fly around in an X-Wing or some other Star Wars-y jet. Resident Evil 7 was revealed, along with the fact you can play the entire game in VR. The ultimate spooks. Not only that but the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XV can also be played in VR, just means you can’t see your sick ego haircut.

Honourable Mention


Crash Bandicoot is back! A remastered version of the first three games was announced. And then immediately ruined by Skylanders. Anyone who wants to see a trailer of remastered Bandicoot is out of luck, as his appearance in Skylanders was apparently more relevant.

Dishonourable Mention


Days Gone looked like a really interesting take on a post-apocalyptic game, as if there weren’t enough already. And then zombies came along. If there’s anything more saturated in gaming than the apocalypse, it’s a zombie apocalypse.


2 thoughts on “E3 2016: Playstation Press Conference | Top 3

  1. It was an amazing conference. The orchestra made everything feel so grand and epic. Hopefully they don’t overdo it and keep it saved for special occasions. The first trailer for Days Gone piqued my interest, the gameplay though… One thing I can say is that it’s amazing to see the horde. Really shows that developers are starting to master the PS4, squeezing out every last bit of power. (Unless it was running on Neo.)


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