E3 2016: Nintendo Press Conference? | Top 3


Less of a press conference for the final showing from the big three at E3 2016. Nintendo decided to go along the lines of gameplay demos over a big showy event like their peers at Sony and Microsoft. No sign of the Nintendo NX either, but two fan favourites were shown off.

Pokémon for Dummies

In a good way though. Pokémon Sun and Moon has introduced some new gameplay features within battle and while running around the island of Alola to make the Poképerience more beginner-friendly. In battles, the menus that show the moves will display the effectiveness it has against the enemy. Then, in the outside world, once you approach an NPC, the screen gets a shadow around it, showing that they will engage in battle with you if you get in their line of sight. So, if you’re not feeling like battling, you can just sidestep silently behind them. Cute starter Pokémon will more than likely entice new players. Especially Rowlett, the cute round owl. #LongLivePopplio

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link is back. And he’s topless… A lot of details came to light in the first full gameplay demo shown in the Nintendo Treehouse. Link gets called Link in the narration, so its doubtful that players will get to name the character themselves, a regular feature in previous instalments. Hold on, narration? Yes, characters now talk in LoZ. There’s also an incredibly in depth HUD compared to older games in the series. There’s a noise gauge, so Link can be a stealthy lil’sod. A thermometer, which shows that Link probably shouldn’t be topless and should maybe wrap up a bit when climbing a chilly mountain. Stamina is now also a thing, with his stamina running out when he’s swimming or doing anything physical. Oh, he can now free-climb too, making it easier to venture round the massive world Nintendo has built. All of this adds up to a necessary evolution for the sword-wielding, pointy-eared fellow.

Still no Female Link…


So the rumours ended up being false. Link is still a dude. Apparently, it was discussed around the staff at Nintendo as of whether to put a female hero into the game or not. Instead of giving the player the choice of what gender Link can be, they considered Princess Zelda being the main hero. But then what’s poor Link gonna do if Zelda’s off saving the world? Hence the reason why nice guy Link remains. It’s disappointing to say the least, since they teased the idea to fans a few months ago, and it seems that Nintendo finds it impossible to create a playable female protagonist. Maybe changing Link’s character wasn’t the ideal way to go about it. Don’t know about anyone else, but kicking some monster ass and saving Link for once would be a cool new insight into Princess Zelda.


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