Procrastinerd’s E3 2016 Awards

E3 has left us with so many games to look forward to in the near future featuring some old and new faces. To sum up, here are the Procrastinerd E3 2016 Awards for the best and worst of the event.

Game of the Show

Mafia III

Considering how lacklustre Mafia II was, it was surprising to hear that there would be a Mafia III. But 2K have really hit it out of the park this time, at least from the looks of the gameplay demos and trailers. Rather than solely being a gang simulator, they’ve developed the theme even further. Taking over gang territories is the prime objective, but how you decide to tackle them is the key. Then you have other gang leaders to please or upset. Your choice. This new element could be the revival a franchise like Mafia has been waiting for.

Game for 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn

Robot Dinosaurs were a winner at last year’s E3, but 2016 brought some real gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn. Lead character Aloy used her bow and arrow to salvage metal parts from robot creatures of the beautiful grassy lands of Horizon. Actually getting to see how the digital aspect of the world impacts the gameplay made it more than a gimmick. And we only have to wait until February 28, 2017 to delve deeper into Horizon Zero Dawn.

Remaster Master

Skyrim: Special Edition

While all Elder Scrolls fans were hoping for a new game, Bethesda gave them a shinier version of a 5 year-old game. Skyrim is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One and PC. But fortunately for PC gamers who already own a copy of the game, they get the Special Edition for free. The Dragonborn lives on with fancier water textures!

Best VR

Fallout 4


A year after they revealed Fallout 4, Bethesda unveiled BethesdaVR. With that, we get Fallout VR, as if the wasteland wasn’t terrifying enough. So if you want to go face-to-face with a Deathclaw, VR has you covered.

Cliché of the Week

Days Gone

When first shown at the Playstation conference, Days Gone had a distinct The Last of Us vibe. With a bearded main character in a biker jacket, along with his lost soul of a girlfriend, it had al the set-up to be yet another post-apocalyptic world. Alas, it was. There was no sign of it until about 3 minutes into the gameplay demo. Zombies… Again. Although they’ve now come out and said that they’re called “freakers”. It was impressive the sheer amount of  these freaked zombie things there were on screen at once, and the intensity at which they attacked. It would’ve been better to see a new take on the apocalypse. Zombies or undead beings seem to be the default way to go. You;d Days Gone be the revival of the genre?

Best Multiplayer

Battlefield 1

Even if the demonstration was completely cringe, watching a 64-player battle in a World War I setting excused that. Snoop Dogg smoking a blunt and a rather red-eyed Zac Efron were the two major stars in the celebrity lineup EA had managed to muster up. Even though some of their skills were rather… questionable, they did a great job of showing off the typical Battlefield features, and some awesome extras. The usual destructive environments soon met their demise with the WWI weaponry at hand. Then there’s the airship, which is quite the sight when it’s hurtling down to the ground. Call of Duty will be losing their multiplayer superiority at this rate.

Top Trailer

Watch Dogs 2

After the complete fudge-up that was Watch Dogs, if there was going to be a sequel, it needed to change. A lot. A new character seems to have done it. From the looks of the trailer, Watch Dogs 2 is taking a cooler angle with a hip new hacking group, over the grumpy sod from the first one. The hacking has gone up a level to be able to hack pretty much everything. San Francisco also offers a more exciting backdrop to your digital overlording.

Biggest Surprise

Crash Bandicoot

Everyone’s favourite denim short-donning fox is back. During Sony’s E3 conference, we got a surprise reveal of a Crash Bandicoot remaster for the first three games. Cue one of the biggest cheers of the event. Then they decide to show off Crash’s new character in Skylanders. If there were ever video clips in dictionaries, this would be the definition of a boner killer.

What are your favourites from E3 2016? Let us know in the comments below!


One thought on “Procrastinerd’s E3 2016 Awards

  1. I wish they hadn’t shown the gameplay of Days Gone, I was getting a great vibe from the trailer. And then the gameplay just let all anticipation I had for it out like a punctured balloon. Still, I guess couldn’t hurt to hear more about the game itself, especially the story.


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