New Games Guide | September 2016

A fresh new face and plenty of old favourites are coming to your consoles this September. 


Release Date: September 16    Platform: Xbox One / PC

ReCore Joule and Mack Interacting

A new IP is coming to the Microsoft family on the 16th. ReCore puts you in a desert land with a bunch of robot friends, more importantly a dog. So with your Rey-lookalike, you save humanity using your six robotic buddies for puzzles and combat. With a lower sale price than most new releases, ReCore could charm you into trying something new.

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Bioshock: The Collection

Release Date: September 16    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC


Probably one of the most sought after remasters in a long time. Bioshock‘s three games take you to incredibly immersive worlds filled with danger and twisted mysteries, but mostly water. The Collection also includes all of the single player DLC including Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea. The best time to discover a modern classic.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron

Release Date: September 20    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC


Yet another massive Destiny expansion is coming in late September, after the successful Destiny: The Taken King. Rise of Iron will add new missions to its roster with the help of some fancy, new armour and weapons. Plenty of new multiplayer modes to entice you back if you’ve played Bungie’s shooter previously.

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Forza Horizon 3

Release Date: September 27    Platform: Xbox One / PC 


The picturesque racing series that is Forza Horizon is heading down under for its third instalment. Off-road cars, helicopters and cute Australian animals all make an appearance for what’s set to be a truly fun multiplayer racing experience. Especially with the Crossplay feature (as shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference), which will mean that PC and Xbox players can race through the bush together. A fun escape from the typical seriousness of the Forza series.

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Release Date: September 29    Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Xbox 360 / PS3


The run-of-the-mill annual football game felt it needed a bit of a shake up this year. Along with the usual ultimate team and campaign modes, FIFA 17 will be seeing the unusual addition of a “Story” mode. Following the story of a talented youngster called Alex Hunter, you see his rise through his career with nice cutscenes and real manager models to make you feel like you’re a real player. Or y’know, just play Ultimate Team like you usually do.

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