Youtubers Life Preview

Welcome to the most unrealistic YouTube simulator around. Youtubers life gives you the streamlined, fun version of the YouTube celebrity.

The fact it’s the complete opposite of reality doesn’t make this a bad game. It actually makes the YouTube way of life enjoyable, to a degree. The premise behind the game is that you start from zero views with zero subscribers. Then you build up a tiny video-making empire by filming and editing videos and releasing them on your channel.

At the moment, you can only be a gaming YouTuber. From the looks of it, you’ll get the chance to be a cooking guru or a music star among others in the future. Customisation beyond that is limited, with a few personality options to do with your need for popularity or money, and a few hair and clothing choices to pick. More customisation is unlocked as you progress through the game.


The “filming” consists of matching a reaction to a particular event in the video, adding certain aspects (sound, script and performance). Get it wrong and it affects the end product, hindering the quality of your video. But making the right choices and mashing together the correct editing magic results in you getting more positive reaction to the final video. They’ve recently made the reaction cards a bit more complex, making it almost impossible to get the right reaction unless you analyse everything accordingly.

Building an empire seems to be the final goal. Most of what’s in the game is towards that, with upgrades for your kit and new games being released regularly for you to play with ridiculous copyright-avoiding titles. But with such a long-term target, comes a sea of monotonous actions, making the game seem a bit repetitive as you go along.


There are new features added as you level up, but they never add much substance to the whole experience. With all the repetition you’d expect a handy lil’tool to get through it all. Nope,  currently there’s no fast-forward function. If they can only add one more thing to this game, speed-up time button would be great.

Even though the mechanics are much more in-depth than that of Tube Tycoon, you get added animation to keep your eyes entertained at least. The developers referenced Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims to create Youtubers Life. The Sims-style gameplay introduces relationships with other YouTubers. So this means you can do collaborations to increase the popularity of those particular videos, and eventually build your syndicate. You can even get married.


Throughout the game you get some form of diversity to your gameplay, but in the end, you’re doing the same thing you were doing five hours ago. Whether the game is engaging enough for you to handle that in the latter stages of your YouTube adventure depends on if they vary the gameplay, or build on what they’ve already got in the game before full release.

For now though, Youtubers Life can give you a couple of hours with a genuinely fun simulator. How long you can spend with it in its current state is questionable, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on its development.

The Youtubers Life Beta is currently available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux


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