Five Nintendo NX Titles That Need To Happen

Even though Nintendo were quiet about the whole new console thing at E3 2016, we definitely know that the Nintendo NX is coming at some point. So we take a look at what could/should be coming to the NX whenever it does come out.

Mario Kart


It wouldn’t be a Nintendo console without a new Mario Kart. The Wii U’s instalment, Mario Kart 8 proved to be the best-selling game on the doomed console. Whether it’s because of the cute characters and tracks or just the thrill of blue shelling that dude who’s been hogging first-place for the entire race, it’s a solid formula. If the NX could introduce some new features like the hover car and underwater parts like in 8, but on a more powerful console, the end result would be unparalleled to what’s been on offer before. The Balloon Battle mode returning could be a fan-favourite. Including some of the new characters that have entered the Nintendo fold, and cars to go with them as DLC would make it all the more worthwhile.

Super Mario 3D


No idea what’s wrong with Nintendo, but they haven’t made a good 3D Mario platformer since the Super Mario Galaxy series in 2010. Holding back such a game until the NX came out would be a smart move, and would be a good launch title for a new console. Mixing the charm of Super Mario Sunshine and the creativity behind Super Mario Galaxy to create a whole new world for Mario to save Princess Peach again would be a no-brainer.

Animal Crossing


2008’s Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Nintendo Wii welcomed a more open world for the typical Animal Crossing experience. It provided a stepping stone to the 3DS sequel, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So with what they’ve produced since, could they create an entirely new world for Animal Crossing on the NX engine? New Leaf created a complex world, with more control of your town as Mayor, and more multiplayer functions to play with fellow cute animal dictators. The series is growing at every stage, so it would be exciting to see what they could do for the NX.

Splatoon 2.0


The first new franchise from Nintendo in a long ass time gave players a fresh take on the third-person shooter genre. The hip, new characters coupled with lil’squid creatures try to take over the map with their teams paint with guns and comedically large paint rollers. But now it seems that they’re ending community support for the Wii U title, so it could mean they’re making a sequel or remastering the game for the NX.

Super Smash Bros.


The fighting game that never fails is Super Smash Bros. A whole roster of Nintendo characters and, for some reason, Pacman, trying to fight each other to the death is the most fun you can have on any Nintendo console. Smash Bros probably doesn’t have much more to be add, there’s always the prospect of new characters and more levels. Nevertheless, it’d be a much-needed addition to the NX family.

What would you like to see on the Nintendo NX? Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Five Nintendo NX Titles That Need To Happen

  1. I definitely believe we’re going to see the “definitive” editions of Splatoon and Smash Bros launch alongside the NX, and I hope they do. With Smash Bros. especially, Sakurai needs time before starting work on the next one in the series and an online ready port of the Wii U version would be able to tide over Nintendo fans for a couple of years. I can’t even begin to imagine what Mario Kart 9 would look like. I’d love it if they really did bring more non-Mario Nintendo characters into the mix!! Hopefully everygame on your list becomes real 😛


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