Best Co-Op Games For Valentine’s Day

If you and your player 2 need some ideas of what to do on your Valentine’s, here are three of the best co-op games to keep you entertained in perfect nerdy fashion.



If you really have trust in the strength of your relationship, Overcooked is the perfect game to tear each other’s heads off over. Cooking soup sounds simple enough, but working together to chop, cook, serve and clean requires a certain level of synchronicity else it’ll all go horribly wrong. There’s a fire extinguisher for a reason. So you could say Overcooked is the true test of your relationship.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime


Not only is this the free game for Xbox Gold members in February, but Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime can take you and your loved one on a delightful journey through space. You pilot a very oddly circular spaceship and work together to protect your ship from enemies and other space ghoulies. There are four campaigns so you have a lot of exploring to do.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes


For the nerdiest of couples, LEGO Marvel Superheroes will keep you entertained for hours. You get to play as the whole hostĀ of Marvel superheroes, from Captain America to Mr. Fantastic together to beat enemies and collect Lego bricks. Then you get the typical witty commentary from the gang, with the Lego flair the games are famous for. What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than to save the world.


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