Thanks for the Memories, PS3

The time has come for our dear old friend the Playstation 3 to have an eternal sleep in video game console heaven. In a less morbid tone, PS3 production in Japan is ending soon. So let us raise our PS3 controllers in salute to some of the greatest games on the PS3.

The Last of Us


It was one of the final Playstation-exclusive releases on the PS3, and the best one at that. Naughty Dog introduced us to the bearded hard guy that is Joel as he fights hordes of fungus zombies (clickers) with his ragtag tiny gay partner, Ellie. The combination of gorgeous visuals and annoyingly smart AI, The Last of Us gave us some of the best moments on the PS3, enough so that it’s remaster on the PS4, so you have no excuse to not play it.

Heavy Rain


Released back in 2010, Heavy Rain sparked a new trend in video games. Known as an interactive drama, you turn detective as you try and find lead character Ethan’s son. Seems quite simple to start with, but the twisted Origami Killer has some surprises in store for you throughout your experience. Your quick reactions and choices shape up for a truly immersive story.



Niko Bellic is probably the most down-to-earth GTA character you play as. And GTA IV was just the right time to use him. In the New York-esque Liberty City, you take Niko on a revenge trip round the city with help from his cousin “wanna go bowling” Roman, and some other helpful companions. You play some of the best GTA missions the series have to offer, namely ‘Three Leaf Clover’, the mission with a ridiculously awesome bank heist which inspired GTA V massively. The expansions ‘The Lost And The Damned’ and ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ are also seriously worth digging into.

Batman Arkham City


Batman Arkham Asylum was a great start to the Arkham series, but it reaches its peak in Arkham City. Batman and his cool kit are fun and all, but the coup de grace are the villains. The Joker really hits his stride with a tale of woe, and then there’s the whole Batman morality thing like he usually does. The great cast of Bane and Harley Quinn to name a few, and the opportunity to play as Catwoman means you are due a trip to Arkham.

Red Dead Redemption


Now could it be a last-gen list without Red Dead Redemption? Probably not. The great Western story of our dear Cowboy fellow John Marston is the best of a generation. The former gang member has to kill all his old friends in a bid to save his family. So the usual. The surprisingly populated map gives tons of opportunities to live out your cowboy dream, with stranger missions, bounty hunting, duels, and drinking until you pass out in a hay bale. And if being a cowboy isn’t hardcore enough for you, Undead Nightmare can give you a zombie twist on the old western classics. With the second in the series coming in autumn this year, it would be a grand time to delve into the Wild Wild West.

What were some of your favourite games on the Playstation 3? Let us know in the comments below!


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