Essential Telltale Games You Need To Play


The legends of video game storytelling, Telltale Games, are having a crack at the bizarre universe of Guardians of the Galaxy. What better time to look back over their catalogue to give you the essentials of Telltale.

The Walking Dead

Release Date: April 2012


Who could’ve guessed that when Telltale’s The Walking Dead came out five years ago it would be such a huge success for the developer. It showed their new take on storytelling with a fresh interpretation of The Walking Dead comics, being nothing alike to the TV series. We meet Lee and Clementine on the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, trying to compete with the endless walkers in their midst. It’s an emotional tale and one that will leave a lasting impact on you.

The Wolf Among Us

Release Date: October 2013


Based on the comics Fables, The Wolf Among Us gives a brutal insight into fairytales. You play as sheriff of Fable Town, Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wold of course), with your companion Snow White (dream duo) as you investigate the murder of a woman. Using his intuitive detective skills, the player has to confront a mix of combat and logical thinking to solve the murder and all the other twisted goings-on in Fable Town.

Game Of Thrones

Release Date: December 2014


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, whether it be the TV series or the books, the Telltale series is a must. House Forrester is the main family in the game, formally introduced in this episodic series. The end game is to not die, as per usual in any iteration of George R.R. Martin’s work, which is all based on your decisions. So when your character gets their head chopped off it’s all your fault and you have to deal with the consequences. It also stars some familiar faces from the TV show, so you’ll feel right at home in Westeros.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Release Date: October 2015


Minecraft was always bound to have some form of story mode, and Telltale delivered a kid-friendly story… ish. It’s a fun adventure but damn it can get scary, and super emotional. You follow a ragtag group of pals, and Reuben the pig, as you try and save the world from an endless onslaught of monsters. It has its twists and turns that can be fun for all ages.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Release Date: August 2016


Batman: The Telltale Series signalled Telltale’s first foray into the world of superheroes, good practice for Guardians of the Galaxy. Although in this series, the focus very much lies on the man behind the mask of the caped crusader, Bruce Wayne. It’s an interesting angle to go down especially with how most Batman series go down the origin and Batman story, so it’s a nice reprieve although you still have to watch his parents die, again. The detective mode in crime scenes is the highlight of the series, showing the true beauty behind the Dark Knight with all his cool gadgets.


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