12 Overwatch Facts You May Or May Not Know

It’s been one whole year since Blizzard’s newest IP came into our lives. So what better way to celebrate 12 months of FPS brilliance than with 12 facts about Overwatch!

Some Sick Ink


Some of the heroes sport some very awesome tattoos. Mother and daughter, Ana and Pharah have matching eye tattoos, Hanzo has some seriously nice work on his half-naked bod, and a few others. In particular, Zarya has 512 tattooed on her left arm, which represents her weightlifting record 512kg (holy s***). Widowmaker also has ‘Couchemar’ tattooed on her right arm, the French word for nightmare. Quite fitting really.

What An Age Range!


When the game first came out, the youngest character was D.Va at age 19 and the oldest was tank, Reinhardt. But since the introduction of Orisa she has beaten D.Va, being only one month old. Starting life as OR15, Orisa came to be after being repaired by her creator Efi in Numbani.

Feeling Bleu


In probably the most tragic story among Overwatch’s heroes, Widowmaker was formerly known as Amélie Lacroix. That is before villains Talon decided to kidnap her so she could be transformed into the perfect assassin with the end goal of killing her own husband, who just so happened to be Overwatch agent Gérard Lacroix. In the process her physiology was altered, drastically slowing her heart, which turned her skin cold and blue and numbed her ability to experience human emotion.

Symmetra’s Spectrum


Symmetra’s behaviour and character traits, along with a direct quote about “where [she] fits on the spectrum” in the comic, hint at her having some degree of autism. This was confirmed by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan after a fan letter asking about the theory. “Symmetra is autistic. She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.” 



D.Va was a professional Starcraft who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defence of her homeland. Having been undefeated three years in a row, she now shows off her combat operations via streams, directly to her fans. She even has the ‘Game On’ Emote which sees her sit on the floor to play games while demolishing her favourite snacks.

“Cheers Love, The Cavalry’s Queer!”


In the Christmas edition of the Overwatch comic, the first LGBT+ character for the game was finally revealed. In the comic, cover star Tracer is seen with her girlfriend Emily in the cutest little storyboard imaginable. The creators have said there will be more LGBT+ heroes within the ranks that will come to light in the near future…

Get Down with Lucio

Healer Lucio was originally revealed back at Gamescom 2015. It began with Blizzard releasing two techno tracks from one of his albums. You can download the Brazilian DJ’s two songs from the official Overwatch SoundCloud account and they’re actually played by Lucio in-game when he switches between to either heal his team or speed them up.

Easter Egg Voice Lines


One of Hanzo‘s lines that you can unlock sees him say, “I choose you, Spirit Dragon.” A cheeky little reference to Pokemon and Ash’s famous, “Pikachu, I choose you!” Our favourite gorilla Winston is a big fan of Shakespeare and you’ll actually hear him quote the man himself during battles: “Once more unto the breach.” Zarya sometimes says, “Credit to team” which is a line used by the Heavy character in Team Fortress 2.

“My Babies!”


In the previously mentioned Christmas comic Reflections, Torbjörn is shown sharing a loving moment with a woman who is more than likely his wife. Reinhardt is in the back with Brigitte reading a story to a group of children, with Blizzard confirming that these are Torbjörn’s children. Judging from the picture, this indicates that Torbjörn has at least eight children. EIGHT! So many children for such a tiny man.

Do The Robot


Genji’s mentor and all-around spiritual hippy dude Zenyatta is one of only three Omnics in the cast so far. Omnics were created inside of factories known as Omniums. The robots eventually went rogue and these factories began to create robotic entities designed to bring about the end of mankind. The good robots like Zenyatta consider themselves equal to humanity. Apparently, people even date these robots… Whatever floats your boat.

Sneaky Sneak


In-game, each character has their own unique footsteps, which can help the player figure out whether it’s a tiny Tracer dashing around the corner or a brutal Roadhog stomping round ready to hook whoever gets in his way. The only one who doesn’t is our dear old Omnic Monk Zenyatta as he floats. So he doesn’t make a single sound as he moves. Creepy.

Tiny Birb Friend


Shown in the heartbreaking Overwatch Animated Short, “The Last Bastion”, everyone’s favourite robot (or worst enemy) Bastion has a little bird friend. This bird is named Ganymede, who was a beautiful young boy from Greek mythology. Ganymede also changes type depending on what skin Bastion is sporting, so turns into a raven on Bastion’s Tombstone skin and a rooster for its Year of the Rooster skin. (Bonus fact: Bastion also happens to be the only genderless Omnic out of the three, with Zenyatta and Orisa being the others.)

Here’s to many more years on the battlefield, Overwatch!


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