“Halloween Terror” Event Brings The Spooks To Overwatch

Overwatch is kicking off Halloween with their “Halloween Terror” event, which is live from now through until November 1.

Blizzard’s seasonal, limited-time event introduces a new four-player co-op mode called Junkenstein’s revenge, and all the spooky, scary character skins, emotes, and victory poses you could ever need.

All loot boxes you earn or purchase have turned into jack o’lanterns filled with new cosmetics for your characters. Each one will have at least one Halloween item so you’ll soon be rolling in the spooks.


There are 12 new character skins including tombstone Bastion, a pumpkin-headed Reaper and Mercy the witch. For the first time, you’ll be able to buy the limited edition skins with credits, but they don’t come cheap with Reaper’s skin costing 3,000 credits.

Junkenstein’s Revenge sees you take on waves of zombie robots, the Reaper, Junkenstein’s monster and Dr. Junkenstein himself. Ana, Hanzo, McCree or Soldier:76 are your choice of heroes for fighting the eerie enemies.

This update will surely add to the 20 million players Overwatch has drawn in over the past few months.

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event ends on November 1.


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