Sombra Finally Comes To Overwatch


The latest Overwatch update brings what players have been waiting months for, Sombra. 

In Patch 1.5 Blizzard have added the new hero Sombra, new map Ecopoint: Antartica, a new Arcade mode, and some other game balancing updates. It also added PS4 Pro support, although it’s not yet known what improvements that will bring to the game.

Sombra is a hacker whose main ability is to hack other players, which will surely get frustrating for everyone but yourself. She also packs a punch with an SMG, can go invisible, and teleport. Her ultimate ability, EMP, can disable other players abilities in a certain area and destroy enemy barriers and shields.

The Arcade menu gives players new ways to play, with 1v1 and 3v3 modes. It will also allow players to choose more than one character per team, which is no longer permitted in Quick Play mode.

Hero balancing has made some characters stronger and buffed others, with Soldier 76 getting more damage with his pulse rifle. The biggest change is that the Ultimate cost has been upped by 25%, meaning players will have to work that little bit harder to get that game changing ability.

Sombra’s release has come at just the right time, with Overwatch’s free weekend kicking off on November 18 and lasting until November 21.


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