Three Scary Games To Play On Halloween

Why the hell is Halloween on a Monday? If anything, it’s the perfect excuse to play some super spooky games, so here are three ideas for you to have some wonderful video game-based horror fun on Halloween.

Until Dawn

Platform: PS4


If you don’t fancy watching a horror film, Until Dawn offers a terrifying alternative. It follows a group of teenagers who think it’s a good idea to go up into a dark cabin on a big, scary mountain as they try not to die from what lurks on said mountain. If you’re a fan of leaving the fate of idiots in the hands of your ability to respond to quicktime events, you’re in for one hell of a night.

Spooks Rating: 3/5  Dumb Teen Movie 

Alien Isolation

Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Xbox 360 / PS3


Alien games have a reputation for being bad shoot-em-ups. That’s definitely not the case in Alien Isolation.  It’s you, Amanda Ripley, against a Xenomorph. As Ellen Ripley’s daughter, you are armed with a motion tracker and a flashlight. The alien is the coup de grace in Isolation, as it cannot be defeated, and can find you with sight and sound, meaning the only option is stealth. Even using the motion tracker can attract it to you. It truly captures the essence of the first film in the Alien franchise. Just be prepared for the many death sequences of the alien’s tail going right through you.

Spooks Rating: 4/5  *quietly shaking under a desk*

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Platform: Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS3


If we were to feature any zombie game, it would always be this one. When Rockstar decided to put an undead twist on their western classic, we were all dubious. But it really worked, with the story and gameplay Red Dead is renowned for. After a zombie outbreak, its John Marston’s job to find the cure, obviously. Taking back the land from the zombies by clearing outposts is the main thing to do. You can find a unicorn to ride. Or if you wanna be more badass than that, you can have a fire horse, which sets zombies on fire as you barrel through them. It’s truly the ultimate zombie experience.

Spooks Rating: 5/5  Red Dead good


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