Halloween Terror Returns In Overwatch With Spooky New Content

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Halloween has never looked so good. With the spooky month of October now in full swing, Blizzard have treated us (not tricked) to some shiny new skins to collect in Overwatch.

With the return of Halloween Terror, Junkenstein’s Revenge also makes a comeback with a brand new Endless mode which tasks you with defeating wave upon wave of Zomnics and bosses including Roadhog, Mercy, Junkrat and a new addition to the Junkenstein line-up, Symmetra.


Symmetra also provides one of the highlights among the new skins with her Dragon look. Although Zarya’s Totally 80’s look certainly rules them all, after being plagued with some rather bland looks in previous events. The content from last year’s Halloween Terror also makes a return, so if you missed out on THAT Witch Mercy skin, you’re in luck!

The event runs until November 1, so there’s plenty of time to revel in the spooky galore that is Overwatch’s Halloween Terror.



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