The Best Bits From EGX 2016

Last Thursday (September 22), Procrastinerd went to EGX for the very first time, and it was filled with all the games you could ever want, with indie and AAA titles galore! So here’s a round-up for you guys with the best parts of the day, just in case you missed out or want to reminisce. Reminiscing is nice.



The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie made its first playable appearance with about 15 minutes of gameplay to get you into the chameleon and bat duo, Yooka and Laylee. The adorable platformer took you through your paces in killing little troll-type creatures, only to encounter a skeleton in a pot of boiling water. Then fighting more troll things. The charming, yet sassy dialogue from Laylee really brought you into the world they’ve spent a good amount of time creating with their Kickstarter funding. Due for release early next year, Yooka-Laylee is sure to be a smash hit among Banjo-Kazooie veterans, and new fans alike.

Uncanny Valerie

Uncanny Valerie Update 6 from John Lau on Vimeo.

Now this was a strange game to encounter among all the others in the indie section. You are a woman who is trying to recreate her ex-girlfriend in a robot. It’s an iPad game being developed as a final year project for a Games course by National Film and Television School student, John Lau. At the start of each day, you put the components into said ex-bae robot in a puzzle, including movement, humour and romance. Then you watch as the day passes by, with robot falling up the stairs as you didn’t put the movement thingamajig in. But then you just change that the next day until you get the perfect girlfriend. If only life was that simple. There was also a pug. So, 10/10 best game of the whole event.

Here’s the website to check it out for yourself (

Far From Noise


Starting at the edge of a cliff in a busted up Beetle car, the outlook is pretty dire. Cue an inner monologue with yourself where you soon realise how truly f***** you are. In the short time with the game, I managed to blow the engine, name the car Carl, and thoroughly enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing art style between moments of pure terror. Created by George Batchelor, the game is split into acts of your conversational exploits, and you can talk to animals. 

Far From Noise is looking to be greenlit in the Steam Greenlight program.



The Lost Capture Ball- Art Print



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Kanto Showdown- Art Print


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Nuka Cola Gift Box w/Notebook, Mug, Keyring & Card Holder




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