New Games Guide | May 2017

Before E3 next month, we’ve got some awesome games to tide us over before the huge announcements on our horizon.


Release Date: May 5    Platform: PS4 / PC / Xbox One


In a world where JFK survives his assassination and develops the US space program to the point of angering some aliens is quite the premise. In Bethesda’s reboot of Prey, you have to fight aliens and transform into random objects to escape them and figure out your way around the space station. Arkane Studios latest, from the same studio who made Dishonored 2, will surely be a good’un.

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Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

Release Date: May 12    Platform: Nintendo Switch


It wasn’t going to take long before Minecraft showed up on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Since they have already collaborated before on Minecraft with the Nintendo skin pack, Minecraft will find a nice new portable home on the Switch.

Injustice 2

Release Date: May 19    Platform: PS4 / Xbox One


Fighting baddies in games is pretty run of the mill, but being the villain can be so much more fun. Injustice 2 allows you to take on either the DC heroes or villains in a showcase of a battle. It’s probably more likely to be button-mashing galore, but the sweet combos and finishing moves are a sight to behold.

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