New Releases Round-Up (26/04/16)

Hitman, The Walking Dead, and Rocket League all feature in this week’s new games guide.

Hitman: Episode 2 “Sapienza”

(PS4/Xbox One/PC)     Release Date: 26 April


After his bald man assassin skills proved successful at a fashion show in Paris, he ventures to the Italian coastal town of Sapienza next to do some more organised killing. The huge new level will have Agent 47 awkwardly crouching around the beach, in a mansion, and in some tunnels.

See if Agent 47 appears in our list of gaming’s sneakiest characters here.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3 “What We Deserve”

(PS4/Xbox One/PC/PS3/Xbox 360/Mobile)     Release Date: 26 April


The finale to Michonne’s story is here. After an average first episode and a shocking second episode, it’s all been leading to an emotional/bloody/badass ending. Telltale’s usual rules apply, especially in the case of their Walking Dead series. Your choices will inevitably decide who lives and who dies in the walker-ridden world.

Rocket League: Hoops Update

(PS4/Xbox One/PC)     Release Date: 26 April


Rocket League have made the perfect formula for an addictive sports game. Using rocket powered cars to play soccar and ice hockey. Now, they have brought basketball into the mix. A bunch of tiny cars flinging themselves about trying to get a basketball into a hoop. For seasoned players, if you haven’t mastered the flying aspect of Rocket League, you’re screwed.

Check out our full review of Rocket League here.


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