Free Games Guide: April

Every month, Playstation and Xbox offer free games to add to your library. Although, most aren’t even worth clogging up precious space on your harddrive. So here’s the Procrastinerd guide to what’s worth downloading this month!

Sunset Overdrive | Xbox One


Both of the best games this month are pretty apocalyptic. In Sunset Overdrive, nearly everyone has been turned into some spotty mutant-type thing after drinking a dodgy energy drink. What does this do? Turn the entire city into a playground just for you.

You can make your way through the new wasteland with a vinyl record shooter (screw you, hipsters!), and a grenade launcher that shoots teddy bears. In the colourful world of Sunset City, you vault, grind and wall-run around, killing mutants, robots and sometimes human enemies while building up some sweet combos. It’s a better time as any to enter the innuendo-filled Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive is free on Games with Gold until May 15.

Zombi | PS4


Zombi isn’t just any old zombie game. The Wii U launch title, released on other consoles last year, answers the question of what happens to your character when you die in a zombie game. When you die, you’re dead. Then you have to start again with a new, naive character without all the shiny inventory you had before. Any paths opened up by your former remain open. And you can still get your inventory back… If you fight your zombified self.

Set in post-apocalyptic London, you get the typical Blighty twist to the zombie genre. You even get a cricket bat to beat zombie’s round the head, for god’s sake. Zombi brings you a welcome twist on the saturated undead world of games.

Zombi is free on Playstation Plus until May 3.


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